The Belmonts

Began as a practice group late-December 2008. Original members: Bethea, Michael Capristo, Dietz, Kleinman, Arthur Meyer, Nedostup, Principe, and Tabak. All original members were in the same Improv 401 class taught from October through December 2008 by Zach Woods at the UCB Training Center. Were briefly known as "Sharpton!" after merging with another practice group in February 2009 consisting of Joanna Borns, Tim Duffy, Flannery Foster, and Grant O'Brien. This merger was short-lived, however, and remnants of this merging group, as well as Bethea and Capristo, chose to form another group, The Patsies. Bethea and Capristo were the only ones to remain members of both groups. Performed their first show (as "Sharpton!") on March 8, 2009 at Triple Crown. Have a regular show the first and third Friday of every month at Triple Crown